Palm Tree Removal & Maintenance Perth

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Palm Tree Cleaning

Some palm trees need regular cleaning to clear dead or dying fronds and remove seeds or fruits. If this palm cleaning is done incorrectly, it can permanently damage or kill the palm tree.

Because of the height of many palm trees, this is a dangerous task and should only be completed by trained and qualified experts.

Treeline’s team of professional arborists have decades of experience in cleaning palm trees. We have the qualifications and experience to safely clean palm trees, without permanently damaging the tree.

Treeline’s Safety First plan ensures this is done safely, important in areas where people regularly pass the tree such as a school or public area, or it is near an area where cars regularly park.

Palm Tree Removal

No matter how high or how wide your palm tree or clump of palm trees, we can safely remove it for you.

We can even stump grind the remaining stumps, to fully clear the remaining root system and get the area ready for replanting. Stump grinding palm tree roots can be a tricky business if they have lifted pipes or power supplies. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that this is completed safely and effectively.

Apart from palm tree removal, TreeLine also specialise in palm shaping and snakeskin sculpturing. The following series of pictures show the transformation of a rather ordinary date palm in Mosman Park  into a spectacular garden centre piece. The owner was so pleased with the transformation she promptly asked us to return and do a further three palms.

Although TreeLine work across Perth, we are fast gaining a reputation as the leading arborist in Mosman Park and Cottesloe specialising in palm tree cleaning, palm tree removal and snakeskin sculpturing. So next time you drive through Mosman Park or Cottesloe, watch out for the TreeLine truck.