David Macphail - Jan 2021
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Professional from the start to finish. My experience started when I lodged a request for a quote on a sunday on there website. I was blown away but Sam the owner was in the area and asked if he could come on the Sunday and give a quote. I thought excellent. When Sam arrived from the very onset I felt I could trust him. He presented very professionally and quoted for the job promptly. The quote process was very simply and very easy to accept the quote via their online booking/quote system. It made it so easy to confirm the quote and I received confirmation of the date of the work within 24 hours. On the day of the work (Today) Sams crew arrived ontime and started to get ready for the job ahead. Work went smoothly, and Sam was able to do some additional work for me that was not quoted for, which was greatly apprieciated. Sam and his crew left everything clean, there was no damage. And the awe in seeing both Bo and Sam climbing those palm trees is a sight I will never forget. Pricing for the job was extremely competitive. I will have the greatest of pleasure in having Sam and his crew maintain the trees on my property on a annual basis from now on.
Bethany Lynn - Jan 2021
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I couldn’t be more impressed with the team at TreeLine. They took down 4 huge trees (2 palms and 2 pines) from our residence with such a quality and tidy end result. They were incredibly safe, which gave us peace of mind. Sam and his team were extremely professional, reliable and respectful. Such quality results for extremely reasonable prices! I would recommend them to anyone!
Robyn Farrands - Jan 2021
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I do not have enough words to say how amazing Sam and his team are. I had six massive palm trees in my backyard that had to come down and two fallen trees. He gave me an amazing quote that was well under what I had been quoted in the past. It was a massive undertaking but Sam and his team where well and truly up for the task. As I had to work my mum stayed at my house and sent me progress photos through out the day. To see what they pulled off in what was really a short amount of time is simply amazing. Even with the unexpected surprise of a paper wasp nest. I would not hesitate to refer Sam and TreeLine to anyone amazing men fantastic job. They have started my year off right. So a massive thank you and if you need trees cut please please use this team you will not regret it one bit.

Our Services

TreeLine provides professional arborist services to customers across Perth. Our comprehensive range of tree services include pruning, lopping, tree removal, chipping and stump grinding. We are expert in palm cleaning and palm removal and also trim hedges. TreeLine owner, certified arborist Sam Southall, has over 19 years of industrial experience and is passionate about tree work. With a modern fleet of service plant supported by industry best practice and procedures you can be assured work is completed safely and efficiently. TreeLine has comprehensive insurance cover to give you peace of mind when we are working on your property.


Although TreeLine work across Perth we are fast gaining a reputation as the leading arborist in Mt Lawley and Karrinyup specialising in large tree removal and tree pruning. So next time you drive through Mt Lawley or Karrinyup watch out for the TreeLine truck.

Tree removal

Do you need a tree removed? TreeLine are qualified arborist, insured and highly experienced at removing all types of trees from any property. No tree is too big or too difficult for us to remove. We are fully equipped with state of the art climbing and rigging systems to tackle any type of tree removal that you may require both safely and efficiently.

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Tree pruning

Is your view being obstructed by a tree or could you use more light in your property? Are neighbours’ trees encroaching on your property and causing you problems? Would you like pruning carried out on your trees in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing look in your garden? TreeLine specialise in addressing all these issues and more. Not only are we highly qualified and experienced, we are extremely passionate about what we do. This means really listening to our clients in order to achieve desired results while ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Palm maintenance

TreeLine specialise in all aspects of palm cleaning and removal.

Our palm maintenance or removal services use either our climbing arborists or an elevated work platform (EWP). We offer a range of palm tree options including removal and cleaning.

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Stump grinding

Stumps left behind after the tree has gone can be unsightly and annoying, and can become a trip hazard depending on its location.

Our stump grinding machines make short work of any stump in any location.

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Hedge trimming

TreeLine specialise in all aspects of hedge trimming. With an unbeatable reputation in this area we have a rare talent of being able to create perfect symmetry, shapes and razor sharp lines. Hedge trimming is a service we are very passionate about and we have perfected this skill over a number of years. We have been told we are forever surpassing client’s expectations and we are proud to achieve this result.

Property management

Managing your green assets on an ongoing basis is the smartest and most economical way to maximise tree health and vitality. TreeLine are your one-stop-shop professional arborist.

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See our team in action

Watch our expert arborist snatch out the head of a large pine and lower it into a confined space. 

TreeLine’s use of a drum winch safely removes sections of a tree from any height.